24Nov, 2020

Transform your employee engagement with AI

Employee Engagement is top of mind for leadership teams, and companies are willing to find ways to keep their employees engaged and motivated as time and again it is proved to lead to employee productivity. 

How many times an employee participates in any group activity alone doesn’t signify the employee’s engagement (EE) at the workplace. It is related to the employee’s commitment to the company. And this is one of the driving factors for the success of the business. 

Employee Experience (EX) on the other hand is a total of all the touchpoints an employee has with the company – be it cultural, physical or tech-enabled interactions with the workplace or work environment. It begins from the day the employee becomes a candidate in the organization until they become an alumnus. 


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  • Mandar Kamath November 24, 2020 @ 12:58 pm


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